EGC Recognizes Curtis Henry – Camp Chicota Caretaker


We want to extend our congrats to Curtis Henry on receipt of his award. Please read the article details below. 

The EGGY from Margot Richart is a true honor. I have the utmost respect and high esteem for
Margot and everything she brings to Save the Children in terms of experience and integrity EGGY
award recipients meet all of our criteria for the EGGY. This individual has an exemplary work ethic
and demonstrates personal skills that are noted by work colleagues, students, and parents.

Mr. Curtis Henry is the EGGY Award recipient for 2023. In recognition of his outstanding and
numerous contributions to the Head Start program. “Though he’s been a bus driver for Save the
Children’s Head Start program in Evangeline Parish in Louisiana for almost 2 years, he has worked with Head Start in total for over 30 years.”

During this 30-year period Mr. Henry, or as he is better and more affectionately known, Mr. Curtis, has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the children and families we serve, going above and beyond to ensure their safety, comfort, and well-being.

His official duties include providing transportation at our Chatagnier Head-Start Center and
driving children for field trips in Evangeline, Jefferson Davis, and Red River Parishes in Southern

Within a few weeks of being hired, Mr. Curtis assisted with disaster relief and drove the bus from
Evangeline Parish to New Orleans to deliver diapers, pull-ups, wipes, and other supplies to families
impacted by Hurricane Ida

Among the many outstanding qualities that set Mr. Curtis apart is his remarkable dependability.
He consistently shows up to work and fulfills his responsibility with a deep sense of commitment
to the safety and well-being of our Head Start children, families, and staff. His dedication is truly exceptional, and it speaks to his strong sense of responsibility and care for his work.

But it’s not just his reliability that makes Mr. Curtis such an outstanding member of our team. He is
also incredibly kind, compassionate, and always willing to help.
He greets every child and parent with a warm smile and encouraging words, and he goes out of his
way to accommodate their needs. He knows all of the children and parents by their name, and if they have siblings who wait at the bus stop, he knows and greets them by their name.
He has even changed his bus route to make sure that parents could pick up their children at a more
convenient time. His thoughtfulness and generosity have made a real difference in the lives of the families we serve.

In addition to his work on the bus, Mr. Curtis also takes a proactive approach to safety and cleanliness. He keeps his bus in immaculate condition, adjusting seat belts and identifying
potential hazards to ensure that the children are safe and secure. He also takes the initiative to address any issues he notices in our facilities, making sure that they are safe and welcoming for everyone who uses them.

Overall, Mr. Curtis Henry is an exceptional individual who embodies the values and mission of the Head Start program. His dedication, kindness, and proactive approach have made him a respected and highly valued member of our team and a role model for everyone who works with children.

We cannot think of a more deserving recipient of the EGGY Award, we appreciate and recognize
Mr. Curtis’s numerous contributions to the Head Start program and the children and families
whose lives he has impacted and continues to impact.